Bond, James Bond, is there anyone who doesn’t know this iconic line? It was introduced by the late Sir Sean Connery in 1962, in the first Bond series movie “Dr. No”.
Since then, the series became legendary. So was with the game that Mr. Bond was playing – the Baccarat. It became one of the most popular casino games all over the world.

Thinking casino, you see gambling and enchanting luck. Believing that the chances will be on your site in shady places or websites, Baccarat is played, is like jumping from the building and trying to survive. Of course, Mr. Bond wouldn’t even have scratches on his suit. But the rest of us will need immediate medical attention. We’re not encouraging anyone to look for excitement in that kind of extreme sports.
With the Baccarat Blitz introduction, we’re presenting a new, enjoyable, fun, and competitive way to play this game.

21st-century requires dynamism. That’s what we’re giving with Baccarat Blitz. Dynamic and mobile go together – that’s why Baccarat Blitz is available on mobile devices.

There are no luck or chances anymore—only pure skills. With Baccarat rules, you play three hands to score the most points. Planning, strategy, timing is all you need to compete in Baccarat Blitz.

You don’t need to count on luck. Just add numbers to score 8 or 9. Avoid number 4. The four here is a villain – it tries to destroy all.
It’s one of two of our Baccarat-like titles, there is also Video Baccarat.

To add more fun to this game, we allow head-to-head competitions. Compete and enjoy!

Baccarat Blitz info

A well-known card game.

Genre: Cards, Baccarat. 
Game modes: 3 hands at a time – score as many points.
Game Style: modern

Baccarat Blitz Rules

  • Deal cards to score 8 or 9
  • Play 3 hands
  • Cards from 2 to 10 – points as their value; Jack, Queen, King – 10 points; Ace – 1 
  • A hand with four is minus 4