Since the very beginning of human-kind we’ve been asking a question: are we alone? Are there any other creatures in the Universe? And even further, there is a possibility that we have an infinite number of parallel Universes. And still no sign of extraterrestrial life? 

Not anymore! Join a community of cosmic-adventure seekers in Blocky Bash. 

In Blocky Bash, you’ll discover a sister Universe. And THEM that want to meet you. Build a tower and shake hands with our cosmic neighbors. 

Be aware, a sister Universe doesn’t mean we have the same rules that run our worlds. For example, we have a different geometry – once height is needed, once accuracy, and other the time in shaping the world. 

And next, those aliens – they love to have fun and compete. That’s why each game is a head-to-head competition.

Blocky Bash info

It’s a well-known puzzle game that introduces physics as a part of the gameplay. 

Genre: Puzzle 
Game modes: 3 different: time trial, height limit, accuracy mode. + Physics
Game Style: 3 different styles

Blocky Bash Rules

  • Build tower according to gameplay
  • Score bonuses whenever you have 5 “bricks” of the same color horizontally
  • Be precise when placing blocks – the physics works like in a real-world, the blocks can fall.