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We are award-winning game DEVELOPERS and innovators!

Guided by community builders: Patryk Gałach – programming veteran, and Peter Zwierzyk with a combined experience of +20 years in games and business. 

Mostly, we help users to benefit from playing in two ways. The first one, the pure joy. More users love to play, more love to give in to a creation. The second one, skill-based games, allow users to win real prizes. 


Delivered in 2020

We’ve crafted more than 40 AR, VR and mobile projects in 2020.


In our parlor

10 new games and millions of users are waiting for our new titles. 

We’re a boutique studio but are growing exponentially.

Our core team allows us to create games holistically. Whatever we imagine today can be shipped tomorrow – or maybe a few days later. 😉
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