We create experiences
Out of this world!

We are creating augmented and virtual reality applications to expand your businesses

Augmented reality applications, Virtual reality applications

We expand your business outside the known barriers. We augment or virtualize your client’s experiences. In the process of development, we scrutinize every inch of your operations, to prepare tools, that will help you grow. Whether you’re in retail, eCommerce, tourism and hospitality, marketing, gaming, manufacturing, healthcare, and so on… WE WILL HELP!

We train Teams
For rockstar developers

Where one finds a ceiling, the other sees a floor. It’s obvious that champions aren’t born in a day. It’s easier to become a master when one has a mentor. A mentor that guides through the right path. That’s why we want to help. We can train your team to become rockstar developers.


Tired of searching for a proper talent? Leave this to us. Our highly-skilled specialists are waiting to join your project. Our methods allow us to create teams crafted for every need. Just checking your business concept, building MVP, or have an ongoing project – we’ll help in every situation. Our office, located in the heart of Europe, gives you the opportunity to work with one of the best talents in the World (according to HackerRank Poland has 3rd best software developers).

We know, that it’s time to expand your business into new realities. We know how to do it. So let’s
We are the guys to go if you want to build something extraordinary.

We are specialists in AR and VR. We are creating augmented and virtual reality applications. We are using the newest technologies to expand your business.

Meet our founding team

We work hard. We play hard. We do the results.
Piotr Zwierzyk

Co-Founder / Business Relations

Entrepreneurial soul. A business developer with more than 10 years of experience in creating online companies. Both domestic and international.

Patryk Gałach

Co-Founder / Tech Wizard

I’m not shy to take on new challenges, no matter how big they are. Programming, speaking, teaching, and team leading are the main things I do.

Mateusz Kamiński

Programming Stuntman

Difficult tasks enthusiast. I’m blending virtual and real worlds on a regular basis.

Transforming shopping experiences into augmented reality.

Our app is a tool dedicated to sales. We help companies from retail and eCommerce to sell better. We are transforming experiences from in-person shopping to the augmented reality that each shopping experience can be dedicated to a single individual.

Social AR selling

Need proves that AR can help you sell better. Start with something that you are already using—social media. We can prepare a custom made filter that will help your clients see your product in AR.


It all started with games. Our first experiences with augmented reality come from gaming. We can literally say that we grew up on games. Once you’re a gamer, you’ll always be a gamer. So, we are still making games. Mobile, web, or desktop. Our tech allows us, to create games on every platform available. Of course, we are working with AR and VR games also.
What triggers us, are interesting projects. Think you have one, or just want to check, is it interesting – let us know.

Some words, that we know how to do it
UNLV Center for Gaming Innovation

Daniel Sahl / Director

Reality Unit has worked closely with UNLV’s Gaming Innovation program for over two years. Their amazing development team is highly talented, creative, and motivated.


Reegan D. Naidoo / The Principal

Reality Unit are great helpers. From the moment we’ve started cooperating, they scrutinize my needs and help me with the business model, architecture, and overall design of an application.

Orizon Group

Katarzyna Koguciak / CMO, Co-Owner

The job that Reality Unit did for us was amazing with virtual reality application. We were impressed by the speed and quality of their work

Let’s make something together

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