We are the guys to go if you want to build something extraordinary.

We are specialists in AR and VR. We are creating augmented and virtual reality applications. We are using the newest technologies to expand the real world.
We’ve been here and there. What we saw, made us create RealityUnit. A cooperative of best in class specialists in augmented and virtual realities. Do we brag? Maybe a little. But, we know how good we are 😉

What we do?

Augmented reality applications, Virtual reality applications, Standalone or Mobile.
Literally, everything that you can only imagine. Applicabilities of AR and VR are endless. To know more, just schedule a brief chat with us. Or text us – we will show you some examples.
There are plenty of applications in tourism and hospitality, marketing, gaming, manufacturing, healthcare, trade and many more.

And many more…Let us help you augment your business! Let’s stay in touch.

We help your business
make the next step
We don’t have a ready-to-use product. Why? It doesn’t work like that here. AR and VR should be immersive. Should work on all of your senses. Should enhance the real world. And try to do that with something from a production line…Yup, we feel the same. That is why we are creating proprietary applications for our clients. Everything we will give you – will be crafted for your specific needs. By your specific needs we mean your clients’ needs.
AR Castle Builder
AR Portal Doors
AR Forest Paint
Meet our founding team
We work hard. We play hard. We do the results.
Piotr Zwierzyk

Co-Founder / Business Relations

Entrepreneurial soul. A business developer with more than 10 years of experience in creating online companies. Both domestic and international.

Patryk Gałach

Co-Founder / Tech Wizard

I’m not shy to take on new challenges, no matter how big they are. Programming, speaking, teaching, and team leading are the main things I do.

Mateusz Kamiński

Programming Stuntman

Difficult tasks enthusiast. I’m blending virtual and real worlds on a regular basis.

All started in the middle of 2019
We’ve been a little tired of…seeing, listening, and advising in not the best AR productions. So, we made a decision – it’s the right time to do it. Of course, we didn’t just wanted to do it. We want to do it right! And the rest will become history. As people say. We have just one problem – we didn’t buy a garage. So, there won’t be another story about garage.
Let’s make something together

Want to disquse your project? Fill this contact form and we will get back to you ASAP!

Help us help you. Let’s make an extraordinary experiences for you clients. Let’s augment your company together.


Reality Unit Sp. z o.o.
Wojciechowska 14/2
20-704 Lublin, Poland

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