We’re publishing globally, and working locally



Our games are prepared for users across the world. We’re crafting global products, but target them locally. With specifics to the local markets, and users’ tastes.


We know that people all over the world love games, and love to compete. Our games meet their expectations. Our goal is to combine fun and competitive worldwide.

Competitive games are fun

People like to play and also win real prizes. We’re working hard to provide them with best experiences. Take a look at our posts to see how we’re uncovering the mechanisms of fun

Games UI

What are the trends in designing UIs that users follow?

Gaming Mechanics

What are the most popular mechanics in mobile competitive eSport? 

Gaming Themes

The right theme can make a game even more enjoyable.

Consulting & development

You know that the world is speeding. Trends are coming and going. Playing was always fun. Since ever we liked to compete and loved rewards. We’ve built large resorts to help gamers enjoy.
Today’s world is going mobile. Mobile is where the competition happens.

If you’re trying to catch up or have an idea, and you’re tired of looking for someone to built it. Shoot us an e-mai. We’ll take it from here.
Book us for a free consulting. The first hour is always on us 😉

They talk about us

  • Katarzyna Koguciak / CMO, Co-Owner
    The job that Reality Unit did for us was amazing with virtual reality application. We were impressed by the speed and quality of their work
    Katarzyna Koguciak / CMO, Co-Owner
  • Daniel Sahl / Director
    Reality Unit has worked closely with UNLV’s Gaming Innovation program for over two years. Their amazing development team is highly talented, creative, and motivated.
    Daniel Sahl / Director

Some thought’s 
that we’ve written down

September 21, 2021

Skill-based games #7: Differences between skill-based games and gambling

I recently had a conversation with my friends during a house party. “What do you do now?” – a friend asked me. During my answer that […]
September 4, 2021


​Let’s talk about money. It’s a cliche, but games need to earn cash. Nobody works for free. However, HOW they should monetize is the subject of […]
August 27, 2021
Top categories of skill base games

Skill-based games #5: What categories of skill-based games are most popular?

I’m a hardcore gamer and a fan of good narrations. Big RPGs, small adventure games, and horror movies that don’t jump-scare but build an atmosphere and […]

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