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Your one-stop gaming shop! 

With expertise from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas International Gaming Institute, let us introduce: One-Stop Gaming Shop! So, let’s get ready to…!!!

There aren’t many do-it-all solutions in a world of high specializations, especially when it goes to skill-based games (aka mobile eSports). There wasn’t a place like a mall where you could shop for groceries, buy apparel, wash your car, cut your hair, and even have some food. There wasn’t a shop that will fulfill all your needs. Until now! 

Before we go further, do us a favor, ok? Let’s stop dividing on you – we. There are US! Together WE (US) are going to make those skill-based games loved by millions! 

Now, let’s see why we (US) are going to nail it! Firstly, we’ve checked hundreds of skill-based games and have a formula for developing them. Secondly, we have an expertize from UNLV – International Gaming Institute. Thirdly, we have a process of creating mobile eSports games. Mostly, we’ve shipped dozens of products. Our entire expertise will belong to you. Remember, there are US.

Hoping that you are focused on creating new products and forgot about washing your car. Let’s jump deeper – take a look at our process.



Simple steps

To make your product beloved by millions of users!  
1. Understand!
2. Iterate until sure it works!
3. Ship!
3 and a half. 😉 Repeat!

We’ll work in a straightforward model.


Understand client's needs.

In games - you're not our client. Your clients' are our clients. Gamers, users, people that play your games. They're our clients!  We (US) start with researching what they would love.  Next, we (US) prepare the solution for it. 


Implementation -> demos

We (US) work in an iteration model.
So, there will be a lot of time we'll spend together. 
We build small, playable parts of the entire game and share them with you. Next, we (US) give them to users and ask - would they love those games if they were live.


Delivering the product

Once we're (US) sure, the games are ready to go to the market. We (US) ship them. Of course,  we (US) cannot forget that each game needs constant improvements.
That's why we (US) work in a 3.5 step process: 1. understand,, 3.ship, 3.5. repeat.

Let’s check how can we become US. Because we’re not for everyone. Only a few selected can become US.

Let’s say you’re developing mobile games and would like to explore new ways of entertaining your players that you would like to make tournaments with real-life prizes. 
Can we help? YES, we can!

Let’s say you’re a fan of mobile eSport and would love to have your own game. 
Can we help? YES, we can! In fact, we can deliver a demo in 160 hours! 

Let’s say you’re developing skill-based games already and are a little confused. Your games aren’t doing too good.
Can we help? YES, we can! In fact, that why we scrutinized 300 skill-based games to know more. 

In all the above scenarios, please, don’t be strangers. Shoot us an email, and let’s schedule a call. The first hour is always on us! 

If you have other problems with skill-based games, or other need with mobile eSport, also feel free to shoot us an email. The first hour is always on us! 😉 


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